Interview with Amelie Anstett

Words by Pankhuri Bhutani.

Photography – Jamie McCarthy from Getty Images.

Amelie Anstett is an actress, influencer and dancer best known for her role as Sadie in Brat Tv’s “Chicken Girls” with Hayden Summerall and Jules LeBlanc. Also a dancer on Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour and with JoJo Siwa at The Playground LA, Amelie recently became an official IG Creator, landing partnerships with Revolve and Princess Polly.

Amelia recently sat down with The Fade In Magazine as she revealed insights into her professional journey! 

Hi there Amelie. So lovely to have you over at The Fade In! How has this year been for you?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me. This year has been such a wonderful adventure and growing period so far. I am excited and grateful, to see how the rest of the year pans out.

How are you maintaining your creativity during times like these?

This is a great question. The pandemic for me was a time of confusion for sure, but also a time of major growth in ways I did not even realize at first. It showed me a different side of my self, wether it came to really being a normal teenager at times, to trying new hobbies, etc.. It allowed me to become in tune with myself and find balance and for that I am forever grateful.

What was it really that brought you closer to the field of entertainment initially?

So I began to dance at the age of seven when there were no gymnastics/acrobatic studios in my town. However, there was a dance studio, so I started to take dance classes. At first, it was just one or two classes, but soon, teachers were calling my mom and inviting me to participate in their other classes. Sometimes things work in funny ways. As I got older and started competing, it became a lot more hours of training. This was my initial step into the industry. The rest is history! 

Besides being a renowned influencer, your interests also branch out to dancing and acting. How do you balance all these three fields professionally when it comes to factors like time management? 

I have the best team who helps me so much when it comes to managing my career and I am so grateful for each and everyone of them. My mom is my best friend and she helps me majorly when it comes to my management and she also reminds me to balance, balance, balance… and always remember having an education is a main priority:) Personally I stick to balancing everything out. It’s not always easy, but we are just kids and we need to hang out with friends — and still do, like, normal teenage things, you know, you have to remember to prioritize your own happiness and childhood as well.

For the people yet to be introduced to your work, how will you describe your character ‘Sadie’ in Brat Tv’s “Chicken Girls”? 

I have the honor of playing Sadie on Brat Tv’s “Chicken Girls. She is TK’s (Hayden Summerall) girlfriend in the show, and man does she have a personality on her. She comes from Texas, so she is a cowgirl. Getting to play her is so much fun. She is definitely a girly country girl, that is very confident/sassy.

How was your overall experience working with the wonderful Hayden Summerall, Jules LeBlanc and all the talented people affiliated with the project?! 

Oh my goodness I have so many amazing memories from filming Chicken Girls. I really just loved all the fun things the cast and I would do behind the scenes. We all would have so much fun on set. It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals.

Besides the projects you’ve been a part of, is there any specific genre or type of project you definitely would like to explore in the future? 

I have many BIG career goals, and I am so thankful to be given the opportunities and have such an amazing support system. I am a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ so I continue to follow my path and work incredibly hard to make my dreams come true. I am always open to exploring new genres of projects/work. One of my big goals is to be able to use my platform to spread positivity and lift people up. I love interacting with my fans and those who support me because I want them to know I support them just the same. I think that this generation is different from the rest, and I would love to use my motto, ‘be original,’ to share that it is amazing to be who you truly are.”

What’s next for you, Amelie? Any future projects you’d like to tell your fans about? 

I actually have several projects in the works and to say I am excited is an understatement because I am SO EXCITED. I just recently finished filming a feature film based on a true story. I play the female lead and to be able to tell such a beautiful and impactful story has been a dream, and I am so excited for everyone to see, and to soon share more projects I have been working on.

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