»It’s Only the Beginning«: Jade LeMac Talks New Single “Meet You in Hell” and Big Plans for the Future

Photography by Lindsey Blane

It is such a great feeling being able to release music that you’ve made, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear the full song“, said singer-songwriter Jade LeMac, who has just released ‘Meet You In Hell’ as the first single since her recent signing with Arista Records. A powerful dark pop track examining the fallout of a past relationship. The Fade In sat down to talk with 18-year-old Vancouver-based artist Jade LeMac discussing the musical and personal direction she has taken, the large community she has built on TikTok, and her thoughts on being a role model for 2SLBGTQ+ youth. 

Jade LeMac’s new single “Meet You in Hell” explores the aftermath of a break-up and a past relationship, a song about karma, anger and revenge. In Jade’s own words: “Being in a relationship where you’re getting the shorter end of the straw is exhausting, and being hurt by a person you care so deeply about is traumatizing. This song is written from the point of view of someone who is tired of being hurt”.

“I tend to either write about things that I have been through and emotions I’ve had, or I use my imagination and build a story from those experiences and write from a character’s perspective. In this case it was all imaginative. I had the title “Meet You in Hell” that I really loved and I placed myself in this character’s shoes. At that point, I had to figure out what this character was feeling and how to put it in words. I find that showing vulnerability in my music feels easier when I am writing from the perspective of someone else”.

Alongside the single, you’re releasing visuals for the track – what is the inspiration behind the visuals you created with the director Sterling?

“I really wanted to capture dark and creepy moments, but still have that badass aspect to it. I think Sterling did a great job with it all. The colours, the sets, the lights, the fits – it all suited the song so well and really captured visually what I wanted”. 

With a large online following across social media, multiple releases including her much-anticipated debut “Constellations” and over 30 million streams and counting, LeMac has had a remarkable year. In the past couple of years, Jade has built her following on TikTok, now having reached more than 1,2 million supporters on TikTok alone, however, the dazzling number does not make her content any less personal and at eye level with her followers:

“Being able to connect with my supporters through TikTok and other social media platforms has been so amazing. I obviously love being able to share my music and life to a large audience, but I also really love connecting with them on such a direct level. It’s so fun to hear about their lives, the music they’re listening to, and the trends they’re doing. It’s so fun, and it feels like a little family”. 

She engages with her fans and supporters in a great way: through content that showcases her music and personal aspects of her life. Her online presence and content encourage pride and positivity in her community of supporters online, so much so that it placed her on a list of influential young people with platforms granting representation for LGBTQ+ youth.

Earlier this year, LeMac got named as one of GLAAD’s ”20 under 20″ LGBTQ+ Changemakers of 2022 joining the likes of Alex Consani and Gabriella Pizzolo. The list honours young LGBTQ+ people that are using their platform and influence to promote acceptance of the community. When asked about being a role model for 2SLBGTQ+ youth, LeMac says: 

“Being openly part to the 2SLBGTQ+ community was kind of a no-brainer from the beginning. I of course went through stages of denial, and personal non-acceptance before I came out to friends and family – but I feel like I never had people my age to look to.  When I started on TikTok, I had already come out to friends and family, and I was proud and happy with being out, and being myself. I began getting messages about how I’ve helped people be proud of who they are, and maybe it’s cheesy but those messages made me feel even more proud – more than I’ve ever been. I feel so honoured to be able to have a platform where I can continue to normalize that it’s okay to be yourself. It’s not something to be ashamed of”.  

What does this chapter of your artistry feel like to you? A lot has happened since the release of Constellations last year, how do you approach the future?

“I have always dreamed big and I am honestly just so excited and ready for what’s to come. It has been such a big year for me, with the releases, music videos, signing a record deal, and it’s only the beginning. I’ve wanted to pursue this career this my whole life. I have big plans for the future, and I’m just going to keep being me and doing what I believe in”.