Interview With Kito

Words by Mariana V. Honorato.
Photography // Kito by Lindsay Ellary.

The secret to making cool things? For Kito, the Australian producer, songwriter and DJ, it’s loads of coffee, a team that inspires you, some good mistakes on the way and a strong dose of authenticity and excitement about what you do. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her inspirations, plans for the future, imposter syndrome and much more.

You have a very outstanding personality that is noticeable both in your music and your look, and we know female artists have always played an important role in raising other girls’ voices and becoming a source of inspiration in many respects. How would you describe the power and/or responsibility of being a female musician nowadays?

Thank you! I find my power in making stuff that I’m excited about. My team is mostly made up of women which I love, plus I also work with so many talented female identifying musicians. I just wanna make good music and make people feel good and hopefully that resonates and inspires others.  

How do you manage to keep your authenticity as an artist? Have you ever been hit by the impostor syndrome while making music?

 I ALWAYS have imposter syndrome! I’m not musically trained – I learnt how to produce from watching tutorials online and just messing around. Weirdly enough I think my self taught journey in music contributes to having some kind of authenticity. The good mistakes are sometimes the best.  

You have collaborated with great names in the music industry, from Icona Pop and Jorja Smith to Ludacris and T.I. Could you name 5 artists you’d fancy collaborating with?

My current dream list is SZA, 070 Shake, HAIM, Majid Jordan and Amaarae. 

VanJess, Kito & Channel Tres by Elizabeth Miranda

How does your creative process usually look like?

Drink lots of coffee then bounce around between different ideas before focusing on one thing and forgetting to eat dinner because I get so engrossed! (I do always eat dinner, just sometimes not until 11pm if I’m really into something I’m working on haha). 

 When was the most remarkable moment of your career?

I think each time I feel power in my abilities or learn something new. Also the last 2 years have been amazing – finding a great team to work with has changed everything for me (in such a positive way!)  

What are your biggest dreams for the future, and what would you like to say to yourself when they come true?

I want to continue making music I’m passionate about, working with artists I love, and one day build my dream studio at the back of my house. I guess I’ll say “you did that” and give myself a pat on the back, and then most likely just continue doing the same ol stuff I’m doing now haha!