5 Questions With Babe Rainbow

Words by Josh Abraham
Photography // Babe Rainbow by Maclay Heriot.

Australian surfers, Babe Rainbow, have always been known for creating those chilled out vibes that flow perfectly on a summer’s day, especially so in the new album, Changing Colours.

One thing that makes this band different from the rest is the synergy between the members.  It’s all love.  No drama, no unnecessary anger, it’s the love of each other that keeps the hair flowing through the waves and love of music diving down every corner of the psych genre. 

The trio join us to discuss all things such as the collaboration with Jaden Smith, rebellious spirit and more. 

Firstly, how have you all been mentally during the pandemic? It’s important to check in! 

Thank you, we are very well

You’re all from Byron Bay in Australia, I’ve never visited but now I want to go as it looks beautiful, what are some things I should do if I visit? 

Call us up when you get here and borrow some surfboards and hang out at the beach.

We have to talk about the Jaden Smith collaboration – how did this come together?

We have similar taste in music and fashion I think. He Dreamed the rainbow dream. I hope we can make a few new tracks together in the future.

The music seems to flow effortlessly between you all, with every member being like-minded has the creative process suffered due to the pandemic?

We have been compadres for a long time and have grown up together. When the pandemic hit we were lucky to have set aside the year to build the nest at home and ended up living really close together in the country so really our love has become even closer.

Lastly, Changing Colours is out this week – What can we expect from this new album? 

The old rebellious spirit we had when we started out and a new rainbow over the horizon. I hope you all enjoy it.