MDL CHLD And Nicole D’Amato Present Empowering Gem “Funk (About You)” 

Photography // MDL CHLD – press.

An explosive musician, spiritual coach and Certified ASL/English interpreter, MDL CHLD / Chris Corsini is a man of many talents. Doing amazing work for the LGBTQI+ community and beyond, Corsini is striving to leave a positive mark on the world by reshaping accessibility and inclusivity in both the arts and spiritual communities. So far, MDL CHLD has interpreted concerts for the likes of JayZ, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes and Jonas Brothers, while his accessible for all Tarot readings and spiritual workshops have received international buzz and widespread attention. 

Following his powerful single “Mama,” that was released last year, MDL CHLD has now returned with “Funk (About You),” a collaboration with Rights Activist Nicole D’Amato, that aims to empower people to know their worth and not give a Funk about what anyone else thinks. “Funk (About You)” is an anthemic, dancefoor-ready song, brought to life through its impressive music video. Courtesy of a talented team of BIPOC, Queer and Deaf people, the beautiful visual features 2 Trans-women (including “Lola Herself,” who was recently published for the 2nd time in Vogue Portugal), 3 Gay men (including MDL CHLD), a Deaf Black Female ASL Coach and a Deaf Caption artist, and many more offscreen. Notable for his inspiring creative vision, MDL CHLD’s “Funk (About You)” showcases the full spectrum of human emotion in a racuously fun and colourful way.