Evey Shares Stunning Debut Single “Nothing” Alongside Music Video

Words by Ben Beamish
Photography // EVEY by Kasper Leegaard

Based in Copenhagen, indie artist Evey is crafting stunning and honest music that is bound to resonate with a massive audience very soon. At only 20 years old, the emerging singer and songwriter found the courage to write her own songs through the power of women in musical history, inspired by everything from the poetry of Patti Smith and Tori Amos, to the voice and roar of Alanis Morrissette and the songwriting genius of Taylor Swift.

As she explains herself, Evey aims to create a safe space for young people to express themselves and be loud together. “To me, writing music from the perspective of a young woman helps me deal with the many things in this world that need to change, be talked about and destigmatized – like mental health,” she says. “With my music, I want to create a space for young people to speak their minds, because we all have a voice and equally deserve to be nothing less than who we are.”Now, Evey has just shared her stunning debut single, an infectious alt-pop number titled “Nothing,” coming alongside an energetic music video starring herself, and co-directed with Kasper Leegaard, in collaboration with 100blaa. “Nothing” is about Evey not being able to express her true self, displaying everything that’s going on inside her head while she is trying to find a way to do so; the emotions portrayed are relatable for a lot of young people in today’s climate, especially young women. 

“I wrote ‘Nothing’ at a time in my life where I felt completely alone and detached from everyone around me,” reveals Evey. “I was desperate for someone to guide me but in the end I realised that change had to come from within myself. I really hope it will inspire others, who may be going through a hard time, to find the courage to set yourself free and ‘figure yourself out’

Driven by heavenly vocal lines, infectious guitar licks and masterful songwriting, “Nothing” is a truly impressive debut single. Packing a punch of energy and nuance at the same time with its subtle basslines and ethereal vocal harmonies, it showcases an artist that is mature well beyond her age. Evey is displaying immense promise within the music industry, and with more singles on the way, as well as her debut EP set for release this summer, she is definitely on her way towards changing the indie-pop landscape.