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Words by Pankhuri Bhutani.

This LA-based alt-pop artist took absolutely no time turning into a pop sensation. Recently releasing her new single ‘Feeling Something Bad’, ELLISE was successful in garnering thousands of fans from all around the world. The track was without a doubt a massive hit and it made the listeners extremely eager to know what she will be putting out next for the fans.

Over the last year, a consistent run of releases has put Ellise forward as one of pop music’s cult-adored, platforming herself through social media and its stan culture to develop an audience which thrives over every release and every tweet, backing it up with hyper dark-pop that’s as eccentric as it is nostalgic. Ellise is building an unstoppable brand filled with bubble gum pop palettes and a sound that is distinctively hers.

About to release her debut album ‘Chaotic’ this summer (May 14th), Ellise is ready to take this year by storm! She just released her brand new single ‘Over Breakfast’ this Friday! We recently had a wonderful conversation with Ellise regarding this exciting chapter in her life including discussions on her music journey, her message to her fans as well as what kind of plans she holds for 2021!

Hi there Ellise, thank you for joining us on Peachy! How are you doing? How is 2021 treating you so far?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! 2021 has been great, lots of new music and visuals coming out already, plus gearing up for my album and live stream concert!

Has the lockdown been challenging for you in terms of maintaining your creativity or has it given you a bit more time and freedom to work on your music?

Honestly, it’s been a great time creatively for me. I’m naturally pretty introverted, so staying home most of the time wasn’t too different from my usual routine. I felt like I was able to really sit with myself and dig deep into my psyche to pull out new creative ideas. My artistry has had a shift since the start of lockdown, and I am super pleased with the direction it’s moving in. 

You recently released your phenomenal new track ‘Feeling Something Bad’. Congratulations on that! What was the inspiration behind the song?

‘Feeling Something Bad’ is basically about having an unattainable crush. I’m a dramatic person, so to me this feels like the end of the world. Either they don’t share the same feelings, or you know the person isn’t right for you. I wanted the song and video to feel hectic in that sense, the same feeling you might get when you have feelings for someone who you know it won’t work out with.

How was the creative process like with the track? Did it go as smoothly as planned or did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage?

This song poured out of my super quickly. Micah, my album’s executive producer and I made the entire demo within a couple hours and we didn’t really touch it from there. It felt perfect after the first pass. 

Are you enjoying the reaction you are receiving from the listeners so far?

Yes!!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing people’s reactions to my music. My whole mantra is I’m just making stuff I like, and if other people enjoy it too and relate to it, it’s an added bonus for me. I love my fans- they’re hilarious and make memes and all kinds of funny and cute reactions to it. It brings me so much joy lol.

Where do you garner your major motivations from? If you could have the opportunity, who would you love to collaborate with on your music!

I get a lot of my inspiration from just listening to tons of different styles of music. I like to mix up my playlist at all times and find unique songs, never really sticking to one genre for long. This keeps my brain fresh with new sounds and ideas at all times. Dream collab: Ariana Grande always.

What are the top three things in your bucket list regarding 2021?

This year I would LOVE to tour, play a music festival and go sky diving for the first time. 

What’s next for you Ellise? Any upcoming project/collaborations that you would love to hint your fans about?

My debut album drops later this year, and I’m so in love with it. I can’t wait for my fans to hear this new side of me and I hope they’ll be proud. I also can’t wait to release my livestream concert! We’ve been working hard on it all month and it’s going to be SO SICK.

Lastly, is there any message that you would like to convey to your supporters?

To anyone who enjoys my music- THANK YOU. I want you all to know it’s okay to feel imperfect emotions. It’s okay to feel like no one understands except you. It’s normal to battle yourself and be harsh on yourself where you might not be as harsh on others. Just remember your inner beauty and know in your heart that you deserve respect and love- not just from others but also from you.

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