Roundrobin And Thomas Reid Share Stunning New Collaboration “Make It Home”

Photography // Thomas Reid & Roundrobin – press.
Words by Ben Beamish.

It was only a matter of time before Roundrobin and Thomas Reid teamed up to collaborate on a song, and that time has finally come with the release of their anticipated duet: “Make It Home,” that is out now on all streaming platforms. Both artists have been consistently building their dedicated audiences over the past couple of years, each crafting his own distinct sound and aesthetic, something that has resulted in millions of global streams and massive acclaim from industry peers and listeners. 

Roundrobin kicked off his music career only about a year ago with the release of his debut single “Canary Wharf.” His debut EP Things That Never Fade Away came out shortly after, featuring collaborations with Marlus, Akzoo and camoufly, and truly cemented his place as one of the brightest up-and-comers within lo-fi, indie and pop music. Thomas Reid on the other hand started out his career as a folk/alternative rock artist, before finding his true calling and transitioning into a more laid-back, lo-fi hip-hop sound. He has worked alongside massive names such as Powfu, SadBoyProlific, Rxseboy and many more, releasing over 20 singles last year, as well as a 6-track EP with Forever Misunderstood. 

Roundrobin – press.

“Make It Home” acts as the perfect bridge between Roundrobin and Thomas Reid’s own unique sounds, while simultaneously showcasing their strongest qualities when it comes to songwriting, vocal performance and production. Starting off with nostalgic guitar melodies and ambient vocals, “Make It Home” really pulls you in right after Roundrobin’s stunning vocal lines are introduced, and keeps you on your toes as Thomas Reid’s ethereal singing takes over right before the climax. The chorus explodes into an emotional combination of electric guitars and synths, while a half-timed breakdown at the very end completes the auditory journey in an impressive way.