First Look: Elo Kay Is Out With New Single “Ghost”

Words by Josh Abraham.
Photography // Elo Kay – press.

Danish rapper, Elo Kay, has returned with a raw version of himself in his latest single ‘Ghost’ where the emotional lyricism brings any listener to consistently hit the repeat button over and over again.

The lyricist moved from Zambia to Denmark at the young age of eleven years old and faced something he didn’t see coming, his dream of being a footballer crashing down in flames.  Due to a broken foot, Elo couldn’t fulfil his dream, which led to questions mentally about what he would do next.  This is where ‘Ghost’ comes in.

The honesty about how hard hitting his depression was is admiring and something the younger generation need to hear as Elo Kay has gone from broken dreams of being a footballer to showing off Denmark’s music scene in the best way possible with flows that match perfectly, relatable lyricism and beats that hit harder than a boot to a football.

‘Ghost’ is out now for the world to hear alongside a debut album that’s coming soon. Elo Kay is an artist to keep an eye on.