TZAR Releases Cinematic Visuals for an Acoustic Version of “Stay”

Photography – TZAR by Kombucci

Greeted by mirror balls, a glittery hairdo, and the captivating sight of singer-songwriter TZAR sitting at a grand piano, the first lines of “Stay” are delivered. Grasping the listener’s attention from the get-go with her soulful, grand vocals, TZAR effortlessly showcases the talent she grew up practicing with her background in classical piano training in her new music video.

Russian-born TZAR, who immigrated to the Bay Area at the age of 7 years old, follows up with a powerful acoustic version of her latest release, “Stay”. Speaking on the making of “Stay”, TZAR said: “Stay was inspired by moment of yearning for what used to be. I wrote this record while looking back on a nearly decade long relationship that was actively falling apart, and looking at the rubble between us, I had a fleeting feeling of what happiness used to be like and I desperately wanted to feel it again.”

TZAR by Kombucci.

TZAR has been chasing her dreams, leading her to play shows at the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater and several notable venues in California. Not only having worked with big names on features such the track “Voices” with KSHMR and Brooks, TZAR also began writing with the multi-platinum producer Djemba Djemba.

The two got on so well that the collaboration expanded, and Djemba Djemba became the executive producer on her debut EP. TZAR’s discography counts multiple groovy pop-tracks, such as the first single, “What Ur Looking For” taken from her debut EP tracing tasteful 80’s-vibes. This undoubtedly reflects TZAR’s love for legendary artists such as Prince and Chaka Khan.

TZAR is set to release a new track “Fuccboi Anthem” next Friday, which can be pre-saved here.