Tired of sweatpants after COVID-19? ODDFORM makes suits that you WANT to wear once lockdowns are lifted, and life returns to normal.

Suits have not been a stable part of any wardrobe for the past year, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing all of us into a leisurewear boom that no one expected. But if you ask ODDFORM – a Copenhagen based fashion start-up specializing in suits – this will change once lockdowns are lifted, and life returns to normal.


With its home try-on program, ODDFORM makes it easy for customers to get a perfectly fitted suit at a price point that is nothing short of sweet. Customers book their appointment online and receive a 30-minute fitting at home, any day of the week, at a time of their own choosing. Within 5-7 days, the customers receive their final products, altered and adapted to their size. Customers only pay for the product they keep – nothing else.

According to the founder of ODDFORM, Jakob Kirk, the idea behind ODDFORM was to create a different and refreshing option to traditional formal wear, which is – well – a bit too formal and stuffy.

“I used to wear suits all the time, and I hated it. I did not identify with the category or saw myself as a suit person. On top of this, suits are so expensive, and you often pay extra for alterations and spend a ton of time on this. We wanted to change this”.

ODDFORM is an ironic nod to the term uniform, which is what suits are often seen as. According to the startup, there is no reason why this category cannot be fun and playful and celebrate differences and individuality instead of dusty conservatism, dress-codes, and career-hungry MBAs.

“We don’t want to look and sound like the other brands in the category, because we feel that they are not in sync with the modern customer. Young people today are different. You can work in consulting , but that does not mean that you buy into the whole cutthroat narrative around these industries.”


ODDFORM designs all suits in Copenhagen and works exclusively with premium fabrics from Italian mills.

“Our design is different from a normal suit. We feel that the most important criteria is quality and wearability, meaning that you want to wear our styles because you like it – not because you have to.”

ODDFORM was founded in 2019 by Jakob Kirk and is operating out of Copenhagen. The startup currently offers its home try-on concept in the larger Copenhagen area but is planning to expand its reach as the company grows.

Check out the ODDFORM universe on their website.