A Photographer’s Tour Diary: Gabriella Scali on Tour With Sorry Girls

Photos and words by Gabriella Scali

Editor’s comment: Photographer Gabriella Scali followed the band Sorry Girls on their U.S. Tour, capturing moments in hotel rooms, on the road, and behind the stage curtains. The following feature is Scali’s experience through the camera lens and is the story of what it is like traveling across the U.S. with the band.

Following Sorry Girls on tour was exciting, relaxing, inspiring and totally new to me. When I’m at home and creating, I tend to visualize for a long time before conceiving an image. I search for inspiration, then draw and add notes to a scene I wish to create.

When you are on tour, once you are out of the van, everything is happening so quickly; it is hard creatively speaking. The band is on some sort of work schedule and you have to respect that. In the meantime, their personas and music inspire me greatly, giving me an urge to capture them.

I found myself juggling between creativity and rapidity when photographing the artists, and I had to accept that my pictures may not be what I imagined. When I returned back home, I then edited the photos with the ‘vibe’ I felt from the trip.

Touring is not your typical sightseeing roadtrip in search of those with the best reviews on TripAdvisor. Rather, it is about appreciating the spontaneous laugher and recognizing the beauty of being in each other’s company.

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