Jake Zimma Kickstarts 2021 With Fresh Single “Be Easy”

Photography // Jake Zimma – press.

Showcasing his fresh sound once again – a unique combination of various influences – Jake Zimma is back with arguably his most impressive tune to date, funky gem “Be Easy.” The California-based artist is still riding high off the success of his 2019 single “On Like 40,” as well as his most recent work “Oh, San Francisco,” and is ready to hit the ground running in 2021 with many more releases. 

In “Be Easy” Jake Zimma perfectly showcases his diverse inspirations from 60’s blues and rock, 70’s-80’s funk, and 90’s-2000’s hip-hop and Cali Roots Reggae. The tune was co-produced alongside up-and-coming talent Zenaware, and brings together smooth instrumentation, organic drum work and inspirational vocal lines, seeing Jake Zimma strive to motivate himself and his growing audience. 

“This is a song about struggle,” tells Jake Zimma in a press statement. “About the deep desire for life to just “be easy” for a day. In a time where so many people are struggling I created this song to help motivate myself and hopefully others. My main goal was to switch it up and hopefully get the people dancing!”