Punt Guns Release Their Debut Album

Words by Josh Abraham.
Photography // Punt Guns – press.

The journey of Punt Guns’ electronic rock combined with commanding vocals is one that has caught the attention of many.  Now with the debut album it’s clear to see that their unique storytelling has been warped into an anthem like no other.

Since forming in 2017, the band have never failed to impress and this eight-track album shows off the melodic tones the band have enjoyed creating, whilst showcasing their talent in an album that is their best bit of music to date.

Speaking about the making of the album, Punt Guns said: 

“We were so impressed with our first recording session at Assault & Battery studio where everyone gelled together that we blasted through four tracks in a couple of hours.  The recording process also took us to Dean Street studios in SoHo and after all 8 tracks were recorded we realized how awesome it was to work with world-class producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg.  It was magical – there was no “work”, there was a moment when it all happened with a natural flow because everybody knew what when and how to do this!”

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