5 Questions With Max Armfield

Words by Josh Abraham.
Photography // Max Armfield – press.

Since lockdown in the U.K, you’ve been growing your YouTube and musical skills with numerous videos, what was the inspiration behind that?

A youtubers audience always has the strongest fan base as they can directly contact the artist, my aim was to try and create a small fan base who would listen to my music on release who I could connect with. I also wanted to use it as a way to demystify the process of making and recording a song while consistently uploading has helped me challenge and improve my own skills. I spend most of every day making music so I have a lot of songs lying around and youtube seems like a good place to put excess material I won’t necessarily use for official releases. In the future I also plan to dive into other content on youtube to avoid being constrained by one medium.

You’re a fan of Nirvana right? What’s your favorite track from them?

I have one playlist for all my music, the first song I ever added to it was Lithium, the fourth was heart shaped box I’d say they are probably my top two!

If anyone wanted to get into music production, what advice would you give?

In terms of songwriting when you’re starting out keep it simple and make sure your song has structure. For pop music everything is there to support the vocal don’t let production get in the way of the song. 

Just keep it simple and absorb as much advice as you can from the internet (watch Kenny Beats).

What is your favorite artist/band to come out of the U.K?

I mean it’s gotta be the Beatles

Finally, any TV shows you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix?

I’m on my fourth round of watching the peep show since I discovered it and I loved Marvel’s The Punisher!