5 Questions With EVER

Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato.
Photography // EVER – press.

What’s the story behind Counting Flowers?

It shares the relationship I had with my grandma from a child until present. The unconditional love, the care, and how the inevitability of change means that dynamics eventually shift. There came a time where I needed to return all the care she once gave to me. And even though it’s a natural trade of roles within life’s cycle, it can still be really painful and bittersweet. 

How do you write your songs? Do they talk about your personal life experience?

It almost always stems from lyrics first. Maybe just a few, but I use them to help build the beginning chords that reflect what I’m feeling. From there on, the ‘method’ changes every time. Not everything I write is about a real story or something I have experienced personally. I love making up stories and inventing characters in my head. 

I’d say candles and hot tea for fresh mornings or wine and books for relaxing nights. What do you think is the best ritual while listening to EVER?

Ooo they sound lovely. I’d say walking barefoot in nature just as the sun is setting and the golden light filters through the cracks in the trees. 

Who are your biggest life heros?

Of course the obvious culprits like Beyoncé. But at the moment I’m really into Katherine Ryan. What a woman! 

What would you like to say to your past and future self?

I’d give past me a BIG hug and tell her to always trust her instincts and not to pluck her eyebrows.

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