Interview With Bel

Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato
Photography // Bel – press.

Peachy Magazine had the opportunity to speak to Bel, the rising artist from Melbourne who is releasing her new EP “T1” this week. The piece reflects a real and strong expression of the artist’s world, her views and desires through sensible lyrics and avant-pop beats (Pre-save it here!). We talked about vulnerabilities, inspirations and the different (yet related) forms of art. Read the full interview.

When and how did you decide (or realise) that your future would be in the music industry?

It was not my plan to enter the music industry. Though I always wanted to from the age of three or four, my academic and realistic brain did not permit me to even humour the idea for most of my childhood/teenage years. I was pretty set on doing medicine. I pushed away my creative desires until I hit 16 and had one introduction into the music industry officially. One engagement was all it took to completely derail my life plan. I think about this almost every day. Where would I be if I ignored this desire? What would I be doing? I think the urge to live a creative life felt too strong to push down.

Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind “T1”?

I have an obsessive personality, so T1 which stands for Trilogy 1, came from the idea of doing things in sets of three. I love the idea of three parts – a beginning, middle and end – a 1, 2, 3. People typically release EP’s or albums, and I really didn’t want to conform to that. So, here is my Trilogy! It’s my first three-part series, with a bonus spoken word track and video. It won’t be my last.

Watch “T1” below:

You’ve said the words from “T1” come from the depth of your soul, releasing your world, your goals and vulnerabilities – and there’s something pretty brave and strong in being vulnerable, especially when it comes to sharing vulnerabilities. How do you feel about your work, career and goals so far?

That’s a complex question, one I could really extend and go deep into. Alongside my obsessive traits, I also have a perfectionistic and high achieving attitude. I always strive for more, and admittedly, it means I struggle to enjoy the present. Sharing my vulnerabilities is not difficult for me, what is difficult is sharing them for an empty cause. These things I make, visually and sonically, the songs I write, I do not mind bearing my soul. I just want people to connect with it, see it, embrace it; so, it’s not in vain. In respect to how I feel about my work, I am proud of everything that I put out as an evolving artist. I know what I could achieve artistically down the line as a signed artist with an actual budget, but one day, I’ll get to show the world exactly that.

You have a unique style (I love that!) that is easily noticed on your social media. How do you think other forms of art and expression like fashion and design can relate with your work?

Thank you, that is very kind. My sense of style and kinship with fashion is something that I hold very close to me. In my opinion, music, art, fashion – they are all the same. To be immersed in one is to be immersed in them all. I am lucky that my background in fashion/styling and creative direction allows me to play with wardrobe in a bolder way. I am a visual person so I have many ideas for the future in regard to fashion, more so, the amalgamation of high fashion and music.

Check out the music video for Bel’s “Good News” below:

Who are your biggest inspirations in the music industry?

FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza, James Blake, Sigur Ros, Björk, Thom Yorke, David Bowie and Arca to name a few. All of these artists have remained true to their artist without compromising their artistic integrity. This ethos is at the forefront of ‘Eyes of Bel’.

Leave a note to your future self to remind you of your essence and your dreams: 

“Future Bel – I hope you don’t beat yourself up every damn day, and that you’re not so hard on yourself. You will get there, achieve your dreams, find equilibrium. Your art will cut through. Watch it roar. You can do this.”