Madison Olds Releases New Single “3’s a Crowd”

Photography // Madison Olds by Kaylee Smoke.

Canada based artist, Madison Olds, releases her new single “3’s a Crowd”.

The track is an addictive blend of pop and R&B with wild and free lyricism. “3’s a Crowd” establishes Olds as an artist to watch out for.

Madison Olds on the new track:

“Similar to ‘Breakup With Your Boyfriend’ by Ariana Grande, it’s about flirting with the idea of being naughty. The song wasn’t meant to be complex or to have too much read into it as it’s a lot about immediate sexual tension and responding to it. The lyrics paint a bit of a messy party with blurred vision, diamonds in champagne and turning a crowd of three people into a party. ” 

Listen to “3’s a Crowd” below: