Interview With Mike Williams

Words by Josh Abraham.
Photography // Mike Williams – press.

The Dutch DJ has always been known for his feel-good music that eases all the troubles away, but with his latest release, it’s all about providing the happy vibes with the current climate in mind.  Within this interview, we dive deep into what makes the creative genius do what he does best, whilst checking in whilst we all survive through the pandemic.

Firstly, how have you been doing during the pandemic?

Good! Of course at the beginning it wasn’t easy and I really had to get used to the ‘normal’ life. But now I feel super healthy and fit, ready to go back on tour. 

I’m curious – how was performing at Tomorrowland? That must have been amazing?

Crazy!! I was really nervous before going on stage though, but I loved every second of it. Hopefully next year Main Stage again!

How did the collaboration with Felix Jaehn come about?

We were already in touch for a while, he’s a nice guy. I think we got hold on a cool vocal and that’s where I started on a small production idea. Later we finished it together and decided to release it.

How much are you missing live shows?

A lot. I did three shows now in the last 2 weeks, which is already quite good. But I really wanna do more. It gives me so much energy seeing people go wild on your own music.

What’s the Dutch music scene like?

The dutch music scene is really big, a lot of producers and artists. But we all help each other and most people are super nice!

Mike Williams – press.

Is there a festival or venue that you’d love to play at?

Coachella I guess haha.

Any advice for beginner DJ’s who are starting out?

Try to do something unique, something weird. And put some great music out! 

With everyone watching every tv show possible during the lockdown periods, what have you binge-watched?

I watched every season of House Of Cards again, for the third time! 

How are you going to be spending the rest of your summer?

Hopefully some more shows, some traveling, but probably mainly enjoying the weather and friends and family here back home. 

Finally, any new music coming that we can look forward to?

For sure! Just released a happy summer song called ‘Fallin’ In’ and a new collab together with SWACQ is being released end of this month. Been playing that track since Tomorrowland Main Stage last year! 

Listen to “Fallin’ in” below: