Interview With Luca Schreiner

Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato
Photography // Luca Schreiner – press.

Peachy Magazine had the opportunity to speak to Luca Schreiner, the German DJ and producer who has released his latest single Keep This Fire Burning, a house vivid remix of a RnB track which brings the right summer mood. We talked about his path in the music industry, his inspirations and dreams for the future. Put your headphones on and read the interview.

Your latest track ‘Keep This Fire Burning’ is great! What is the story behind this hit, and what do you intend to convey to your audience with it?

Thanks, I’m very happy that you like it! I really love the more UK House type of vibes that are getting played on the radio recently. I definitely wanted to go that same direction with „Keep This Fire Burning“. The original single by Swedish singer Robyn was pretty RnB vibed so I thought giving it a more housey feel would definitely suit the track and make up a great new version. My dad used to listen to a listen to a lot of RnB music back then when I was a child and now being able to release a cover of one of these songs I’ve used to listen to when driving around with him is definitely a special feeling. 

Listen to “Keep This Fire Burning” below:

What do you like most about making music?

I really like the fact that you can really express yourself while making music. Especially when listening back to your own music it’s always so crazy to see in what kind of moods you were when creating these songs and how your style has developed over time. 

As Berlin is a place that breathes electronic music, do you believe your origins have somehow helped guide your influences? Who are your greatest examples and idols in the music scene?

As I’m not really Berlin based I can’t really say much about that. But I was lucky that my dad has already been deeply connected within the electronic music scene as he runs a music distribution business for more than 30 years by now. So I was always kind of connected to the scene and kind of was born into electronic music 😉 

What would you say to your young self when you started your career, which can serve as advice for those who want to enter the industry?

I’d definitely say don’t try to rush things. Making music and developing your own kind of style needs time and some sort of experience. I think especially in the beginning, when you are starting out you struggle getting the attention from listeners you think your music should deserve but this whole process needs time and people will slowly recognize your music and will start appreciating it as much as you do.

Who is in your TOP 5 artists that you would like to collaborate with?

My Top 5 artists are: 1.) Martin Garrix, 2.) The Chainsmokers, 3.) Kygo, 4.) Avicii, 5.) Zedd. All of these artists are literally always creating the most catchy hooks and melodies, which is something that I’m aiming for with my own music as well. 

You collect more than 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and have been obtaining several successful achievements as a DJ and producer. What is your biggest dream for your career?

Probably my biggest dream is to play at one of the major festivals such as Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival. As a kid I always watched their livestreams and dreamed about playing there one day.