Interview With Sizzy Rocket

Photography // Sizzy Rocket – press.
Words by Pankhuri Bhutani.

With more than 60,000 active monthly listeners, this artist is currently under the spotlight for her new track, “Rollerskating”. Sabrina Louise Bernstein who professionally goes by the name Sizzy Rocket is one of the most successful up and coming artists in the industry out there.

Having some phenomenal songs like Smells Like Sex, I Know What You Like and her viral hit Bestie, Sizzy Rocket released her recent track “Rollerskating” on July 10th of this year which is already gaining thousands of listeners and fans from around the world.

Sizzy took out some of her time to talk to Peachy Magazine regarding her music journey, her plans on future projects and reveal insights about her latest track!

Hello Sizzy! Thank you for joining us on Peachy Magazine! For the people who are yet to be introduced to your music, kindly tell us something about yourself!

Hmmm… I love safety pins, they’re my favorite accessory!

Was there anything that you had planned to do (career-wise) before setting out in the music industry?

No! My mom actually told me recently that she was cleaning out her desk and found an old note in a drawer that I’d written when I was 7. It said, “Dear God… please, please, please, please show me how to be a rockstar.” Can you believe that?!

Listen to Sizzy Rocket while reading the feature:

You recently released your new track “Rollerskating” Congratulations on that! What was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you! It was inspired by my first big love when I was eighteen and living in New York City. You can’t NOT fuck it up when you’re eighteen, you know? It was very emotional at the time but I now look back fondly on my experience with heartbreak because each heartbreak has taught me so much about myself and pushed me forward in life. But, yeah, being eighteen and in love is fucking psychotic and I was inspired by that.

It’s such an exhilarating track! What was the creative process like and did you face any challenges during the making of the song?

No…I swear the song wrote itself in like 15 minutes. My songwriting partner Eric Leva showed up to the studio and then I blinked and the song was done!

If you could choose one emotion to describe “Rollerskating”, what would it be?


Who do you look up to in terms of music?

My biggest idols in music are Lady Gaga, Jack White, Peaches, and Karen O.

What is Sizzy Rocket currently listening to?

I LOVE Teyana Taylor’s new album, The Album. It’s so emotionally vibrant and her vocals are insane… I can’t stop listening! I also love Donna Missal, Jessie Ware’s new album, What’s Your Pleasure?, and I just discovered Arlo Parks… her voice is amazing!

Besides creating your own phenomenal tracks, you have also written for many talented artists like Noah Cyrus and Bea Miller. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from your music journey?

I’ve learned how to connect authentically with other artists, with my collaborators, with my team, and with my fans. Authenticity and intention are so valuable to me when I’m creating.

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