“Hold Me With You.” by Omri Rosengart

Photography and words by Omri Rosengart

It’s been three years by now that I’m creating with the camera. Trying to stay loyal to my passion in it and to get excited from my work, so when the clients/viewer impacts my photos, they would feel the same. I discovered my love for photography while living in Milan as a fashion model. I used to shoot some of my friends, and fell quickly in love with the process, from the relationship between two people from each side of the camera, to capturing the precise moment, the editing part, and the results.

While shooting, I’m pushing myself to explore what I learned. Each story has its perspective; in those sessions, anything can happen, and the rules are set to be broken. I use what reality offers me, as I’m the one who creates it, to write my own story.

Shooting day – “Hold me with you.”

Since the pandemic struck to our lives, I got back from Paris to Tel Aviv in March. Since then, I’m still in Tel Aviv, waiting to return to Paris and continue from where I’ve stopped there. By now, I have finished my Masters and wanted to integrate the local fashion industry in Paris, willing to work hard and dedicate the time and need for that. When I got back to Tel Aviv, and after the lockdown, I knew it is important to keep working so the creation and passion should stay, especially in times like this. 

The idea of this story was to present three related, a family while having a peaceful day at the beach, establishing this relationship between them, try to show the freedom they are sharing. To tell a story about this family while understanding that they are not in their natural surroundings, a peaceful story with natural ambiance.


Models //

Emma Medding for Yuli models agency. ( @emmamedding for @yulimodels ). 

Yana Ranno for Yuli models agency. ( @yanaranno for @yulimodels ).

Nikita Popov for Brick models. ( @nikita.popov18 for  @brickmodels). 

Styling //

Alex Gidron for Solo agency ( @alexgidron for @solo_agency_telaviv ).

Hair and Make-up //

Tal Davara ( @tal_davara for @solo_agency_telaviv). 

Photographer //

Omri Rosengart @omrirosengart

Artist bio:

  • Omri Emil Abraham Rosengart. Born in Paris in December 1989 and grew up in Tel Aviv. 
  • In 2017 he completed his bachelor’s degree in Communication at IDC.
  • In 2018 he lived in New York for several months to study photography at continuing education in SVA and Photo Manhattan. 
  • In 2020 he finished his master’s at PCA Paris in Fashion Photography and Film.

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