5 Questions With Eli Moon

Photography // Eli Moon – press.
Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato

Creativity, introspection and mindfulness. These have been the keys for Eli Moon, the South Londoner rising artist, in the past few months. As he launches “killmeinmysleep”, his latest single which was written and produced from his bedroom at his childhood house, the British R&B singer & songwriter talks about his feelings during quarantine and observes the effects of the period on people in a general aspect. Let’s get to know Eli Moon better.

Listen to killmeinmysleep while reading the feature:

Can you describe Eli Moon in three words? 

pensive, passionate, moody 

You wrote and produced “killmeinmysleep” from your bedroom during lockdown. Do you think creativity can be a relief for those who are struggling to cope with these weird times we’re living in?

For sure, at times it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck inside watching the world burn and creativity is a great way of stepping away from everything. For me, creativity not only helps me escape; it guides me to my true emotions and feelings. This makes it much easier to process and therefore be at peace with what’s going on in my mind. 

Eli Moon – press.

Do you think self isolation has changed your feelings about dealing with people?

My creative process is very reclusive anyway so I didn’t find myself struggling with the reduced human contact. But seeing everybody else struggle with self isolation definitely helped me understand that some of the loneliness and detachment that I feel at times, is experienced by everyone on a human level. 

Have you discovered new hobbies and talents during lockdown?

Meditation ! –  The world before lockdown had gotten so fast paced and complex that I could feel it slipping out of my grasp. Learning to be the master of my own mind and to observe my ego instead of identifying with it,  have been my greatest discoveries.

What would you be doing at this exact moment if the pandemic was finally over all around the world?

I’d be in a house by the ocean with all of my friends – relaxing, partying and reconnecting ! 

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