5 Questions With Ora Violet

Photography // Ora Violet – press.

What are your main influences? 

Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, John Niven.

What record has influenced your musical development looking back at the time when you started making music?

Looking back to when we started making music, the digital format didn’t even exist. Individually we have been involved in music making since before we can remember. Answering that question with one album is similar to asking us who our favourite family member is. You may get a different answer everytime you ask. If we have to pick one today, it’ll be Blur’s Leisure.

Listen to “Feel the Same” while reading the feature:

What’s the process of creating a track usually like for you?

With our songwriting, there is no rules, it works when we all agree that we like what each of us is doing.  Outside of OV, we all have varied musical interests in many genres, yet when writing together we don’t feel the need to display these skills or interests, instead we try to focus on what is most suitable for the song, rather than the individual musician. Any of us can bring an idea, sound, lyrics or chords to the table, where it will be shared, digested, analysed and polished.

How do you creatively deal with the current situation in the world? 

Working away from the world, isolating for days, locked away in the studio, this is all fairly normal behaviour for us as musicians and producers, our partners are often frustrated at how much time they lose to our passion. We haven’t stopped working as technology keeps us connected but the hardest part about the current situation is the isolation from each other and the inability of playing and creating in the same room together.

What would be the first gig you’d like to attend post lockdown? 

Ora Violet’s next single release!

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