Kidmograph Directs Video For ‘Deep Blue’

Picture // ‘Deep Blue’
Words by Pankhuri Bhutani 

The duo – Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan who goes by the name, The Midnight recently dropped their new single “Deep Blue” from their upcoming album, “Monsters” which will be dropping on all streaming platforms on 10th July.

The song started with a blissful mix of the vocals on the melody of the song. The song had an aesthetic vibe till the very end. The chords appeared to be giving a very energetic feel and the drop synth definitely elevated it to the very next level. The music made the listeners instantly drift off to a world of their own. The song can be considered a perfect combination of nostalgia, summer aesthetic with an electrifying euphoria.

The refreshing lyrics on the electrifying chords invites the listener to have a completely unique perspective. The duo was successful in making the listener feel some sort of nostalgia close to their heart.

Gustavo Torres, who goes professionally by the name Kidmograph took over the job to create a lyric video for the song. Kidmograph has experience in creating some phenomenal videos for songs like Kendrick Lamar & The Weeknd’s ‘Pray for Me’ and has created videos for the likes of Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa.

Kidmograph definitely won the hearts of the listeners when he successfully maintained the aesthetic of the song with his creative visualization. With his exceptional skills, Kidmograph made an ideal video for the song. The video takes place within a retro game as the character of the game dives deeper into the virtual reality to find his true love. We can see the lyrics that are being typed on congruently with the song, placed just above the game. The video takes the viewer on a journey to a place no one can ever dwell into. The video was visually stunning and was definitely an elevation to the experience that the listener had gone through.

When asked about the video, Kidmograph commented “The idea was to recreate some sort of retro video game where the character goes on an adventure into the depths of the sea (which in fact is the depths of its own mind) looking for an adventure (his love). At the end, we realize it was all an illusion, built in a small corner of a teenager’s room. The excuse of the lyric video as a video game representation was really fun and a different take to work with. Emulating an old operating system designed for the band, we dive through both the lyrics and visuals as an adventure into the unknown.”

Kidmograph with his iconic creativity, made it easier for the listeners to build a utopia of their own.

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