5 Questions With Little Sister

Photography // Little Sister – press.
Words by Josh Abraham

After releasing their debut track into the world this time last year, Little Sister have been on fire with consistent releases, grabbing the attention of  people within the industry as well as new fans coming into the Little Sister family.  In this interview, we get to see a glimpse of how the pandemic has affected the band, but also see how the band have become the way they are today.

You guys debuted your first track this time last year, how does it feel knowing that ‘Show Suit’ is one year old? 

Like watching a cub you’ve raised and nurtured into adulthood wander courageously off into the wild.

Listen to Little Sister’s latest EP while reading the feature:

As an upcoming band, what’s it like being featured in BBC Introducing?

It’s always a great pleasure to be featured on any radio station or media platform. As a band we feel new to this and are simply finding our way, so all support is extremely important and warming to us.

You all had so many festivals lined up to play this year, from SXSW to Glastonbury, but because of the current climate, were cancelled, how are you all dealing with the live music scene taking a hit right now?  

Ha we wish, that was an ironic comment we made on an instagram post. Will keep the bad jokes to a minimum in future. That being said we’re dealing with it by cracking on with the next E.P. 

You’re all based in Kent right? What’s the music scene like?

I (Tom Farrer) live in Margate, Dom (bassist) lives in Maidstone and I believe Ben (drummer) is planning to move soon as well. A big reason why I moved to Kent is because there’s a wealth of wonderful live music happening over there. Friends of mine run one of my favourite venues called ‘The Lighthouse’, in Deal. Margate also has many superb stages such as ‘Elsewhere’ and ‘The Tom Thumb Theatre’ along with talented artists and event organisers who make it all happen within the community. I just hope they find a way of surviving the pandemic.

Finally, what are you all binge-watching right now?

During lockdown, I can safely say that between the four of us we have completed the internet.