Interview With Big Wild

Photography // Big Wild by Dana Trippe.
Words by Mariana V. Honorato 

We had the opportunity to chat with Big Wild, the talented singer, songwriter and producer who has just released his new single “Touch’, a bright electro-indie track that fits perfectly with the moment we’re living in.

With nearly 2 million listeners on Spotify, he spoke to us about his creative process, ispirations and his plans and goals in the short and long term, including how he has been working to offer a unique experience to his audience with the current (and usual) changes in the music industry. 

What’s the story behind your new track, “Touch”? What do you expect the audience to feel when listening to it?

“Touch” was inspired by my time touring on the road and being away from my partner. The feeling of intense desire to be with someone and how that desire can almost be torturous and a burden. I’ve felt it a lot personally throughout my life, but I believe this state of mind to be universal and a part of the human condition. Given the current isolated state of the world, I expect and hope people will connect with “Touch” based on what they’re living through right now.

Listen to “Touch” while reading the interview

On a general level, how does your creative process flow? What are your sources of inspiration?

There really isn’t a formula or a designated creative process, and I think that’s what keeps it creative. Sometimes a song starts with a chord, sometimes an inspiring sample, sometimes a lyrical nugget, etc.

I think having a combination of processes and experimentation leads to the best results. I find the most inspiration from what I consider great music. I don’t have to think about why I like it, I just know, and it clicks instinctually. Once that’s established, I try and pick things apart and learn “why” I like this. That’s when I can learn something that I can apply to my own music.

Your live performances give the audience a unique experience thanks to your energy, your beats, and a successful mix of different instruments and rhythms. In times of self-isolation, people are craving for sensations and experiences. What do you intend to transmit to your audience, even on virtual live streams?

Connecting with people in an isolated world is really interesting. The livestream realm is kind of the wild west right now in that there aren’t many expectations from viewers, and creators are figuring things out. It’s new territory in a lot of ways, and that’s inspiring. I’m trying to figure out not just how to translate my music and my show to streaming but also how to create something unique that maybe wouldn’t have been possible in traditional live concert setting.

There aren’t many rules. However, I want to do it right and give the best possible experience I can. This requires being more selective and ultimately more work, but I think the connection with people will be stronger.

Still, regarding these strange times, it has become increasingly clear that we can live without many things, but not without art and, above all, not without music. What have you been feeling about this period, and what do you think will be the main lessons learned from it?

The music industry is constantly dealing with change because of its close connection with technology. You have to be adaptable. Whether it’s dealing with streaming, making music in software, the changing social media landscape, everything… because music is at the forefront of culture in general, it faces constant change.

But at the end of the day, music will never go away. People will always want music. Period. And if I’ve learned anything from this (and still to learn) it’s that the most important thing for me to focus on is making the best music possible to my abilities and standards. As a musician, everything else is secondary.

Great music is a constant, which no change in the music industry can alter, so that’s what I spend the most time doing. It’s also what I love doing the most.

What are your top 5 artists that you would like to collaborate with someday?

Kali Uchis, Niki and the Dove, EARTHGANG, Tame Impala, and Rosalía. They’re all extremely talented and have their own sound, which I really respect.

What was the most unforgettable moment you’ve experienced in your career? Why?

This one is tough, but I’ll share the first thought that came to mind. When I played Outside Lands last year, I ended up playing to my biggest crowd yet. I play a song called “Joypunks” during my show, and I always get people to jump at the second drop. When the second drop came, and people were jumping, I had never seen so many bodies move in unison. It was like watching waves on the ocean. From the stage, the feeling was euphoric and unforgettable.

If you could give a piece of advice to 12-year-old you, what would you say?

My advice would be to cut my losses early in training to be in the NBA and get a head start on music haha.

What are your main dreams and plans in the short and long term?

My short term goal at the moment is to maintain staying positive because that alone is difficult. Long term though, I’m focusing on making the next body of music and where I want to go with “Big Wild”. The long term, big picture is what’s keeping me hopeful and inspired. I’ve already begun working on demos and tracks in quarantine, and I’m excited to start the next chapter.

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Words by Mariana V. Honorato
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