5 Questions With Ray Dawn

Photography // Ray Dawn – press.
Words by Josh Abraham

In your opinion, what makes a rap flow well?

An artist’s flow should sound effortless – proper fundamentals can’t be overstated. Floating in the pocket with proper cadence, breath control and emotion is key. Also, an artist’s delivery must exude confidence. Listeners can tell when an artist lacks self-belief.

Listen to ‘Flex’ by Ray Dawn while reading the feature:

You stopped writing for a long time, was it difficult to get the creative juices flowing?

Not at all – writing is easy for me. Mustering the courage to believe in myself was the challenging part.

With us watching Netflix constantly – what are you binge-watching right now?

Honestly I spend more time watching eSports on YouTube. If we’re talking Netflix, my current favorites are Ozark, The Money Heist, Our Planet, Formula 1: Drive to Survive and Better Call Saul.

Have you found social media to be a good way to communicate with your fans?

I much rather communicate with my fans on stage. I loathe social media, but it’s a necessary evil. On the upside, social media has allowed me to grow my fan base throughout the world exponentially. But being tethered to multiple social media accounts makes it difficult to embrace a life of living in the present. I’m looking forward to the day I delete everything.

Finally, when we’re out of this pandemic, what is the first thing you’ll do?

I’ll be heading to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop’s outdoor patio for an iced green tea and an afternoon reading session.

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