Pressphoto artist NOTD, february 2020. Photo by Fredrik Etoall.

NOTD Return With New Single Featuring Astrid S

Photography // NOTD by Fredrik Etoall.
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NOTD return with brand new single “I Don’t Know Why” featuring Norwegian songstress Astrid S. Peachy Magazine spoke with the Swedish duo ahead of the release to hear more about the making of the track, how their dynamic as a duo is, and much more. Read all about it, and get to know NOTD.

You’re joining forces with Astrid S on your new single “I Don’t Know Why”. Could you give us some insight into how the process of working on the track with Astrid S has been?

We have been big fans of Astrid for so long, and we’ve met her a bunch of times but never worked on anything. When we heard her on “I Don’t Know Why” we knew it’d be a good song to collaborate on with her on, so we are happy it worked out. We are planning to go into the studio with her more once the virus restrictions loosen up.

Listen to ‘I Don’t Know Why’ while reading the interview

Where did the initial inspiration for “I Don’t Know Why” come from?

The topline was written by Jason Gill and Caroline Pennel, and to us, it’s a relatable topic of having a crush on someone who you can’t get out of your head. As soon as we heard the original demo, we knew right away we wanted to work on it. This is how we feel for most of our songs, and once we started working on it, we basically had an almost final version in one night.

You create vlogs and videos as production tutorials on how you’ve made a number of your tracks – how come, and is it important for you guys to connect with your listeners in that way?

We always want to find ways to reach the people listening to our music, and this is one way of showing them that we are normal kids just like them.

We love doing our tutorials because if we can help other producers at all, it’s rewarding for us. We used to watch other producer’s tutorials all the time (we still do), which was really helpful for our growth, so we think it’s ‘giving back’ to the community.

Speaking of production tutorials, hypothetically, what artist(s) would you most want to attend a masterclass by? And why?

Grey – their production is so clean we have no idea how it is so good!

As a duo, how’s your dynamic? Has that changed through the years? If yes, how?

We’ve always worked well together as Tobi makes the more energy stuff, and Sam makes more of the slower emotional parts, and together it makes the NOTD sound. We both became better producers as time went on, but the styles haven’t really changed.

What would your best advice to young creators who are trying to master their craft be?

To practice as much as you can and keep trying things, so you learn. We used to try and re-create and imitate some of our favorite artists like Avicii, and that taught us so much.

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