5 Questions With Cousin Avi

Photography // Cousin Avi – press.

Could you introduce us to Cousin Avi?

We’re a Grit-Pop Band from the Rose of the Shires.

How did you guys come together as a band?

We met at school/college, and we recruited our keys player a few years later when we needed to expand our sound.

Listen to “No Plan” while reading the feature:

You’re self-produced and write your own tracks – how do you divide the process of creating a track between the 5 of you?

Write our own stuff: Yes, absolutely. That’s the way we’ve always been, but more recently, we’ve developed a great relationship with a guy called Ollie Needham and his amazing production team. They have given us the tools and time to really help us capture our signature live sound in a studio setting. It’s not been easy, we’re a loud and ballsy live act, but these guys are just amazing and allowed us the freedom to experiment endlessly to get exactly what we need. The writing is a wonderful and traumatic process! 5 minds, 5 different ideas about every element?!! Nah, we love the writing part. It’s so satisfying when you get to see a song develop from a jam in the rehearsal room to a polished performance. 

What are some of your influences as a group?

I mean, individually, our influences are so diverse it’s crazy! Travelling in the tour bus is so funny because whoever gets hold of the sound system first is like “ooh, listen to these, listen to them, have you heard of….” so we’re always sharing our personal tastes in new music. But when it comes to our ‘work’ influence, it’s got to be bands like Jamiroquai, Vulfpeck, Chromeo, bands that deliver heavy grooves that stand the test of time. It’s all about that groove!

“No Plan” is the first track from you guys of 2020 – what’s the next thing coming up?

Can I just say, we’re super proud of the work Ollie has done on that track. It’s a massive step in the right direction for us and so happy with the result. If you haven’t blasted it through a big ass system yet, then I urge you to do so; it’s outrageous!! We’ve got more tracks coming out this Summer and Autumn, and we’ll definitely be back out on the road touring as soon as this shit is over.

How do you, as a group, creatively handle the current situation in the world?

It’s crazy hard. We rehearse twice a week minimum, so this is hurting. We do write in smaller teams and individually, but the main bulk is done with instruments in hand and loud. Having brand new material and no way of getting in front of people physically is frustrating. But, there is way more important shit for people to be focusing on right now, and we all have to accept that and do our part. The releases when this is lifted is going to be incredible. The amount of art being created right now behind closed doors is gonna flood out in one go, and that is truly exciting. Support our NHS and stay the fuck at home. x

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