Swedish R’n’B Artist, Cimón, Returns With New Single “MAE (Money Ain’t Everything)”

Photography // Cimón – press.

Peachy Magazine talked about musical direction and inspirations with the Swedish R’n’B artist Cimón and also discussed his newly released single “MAE (Money Ain’t Everything).” Get to know Cimón and listen to the single below.

What’s the message you want to get across with your new single “MAE”?

This song is about letting people know that money ain’t everything. I feel like people nowadays tend to forget things in life that has so much more value than paper. There are some things you just can’t buy.

What motivates me is not getting rich. My drive comes from my need to constantly create and develop in my music as an artist.

Listen to “MAE” while reading the interview:

Can you talk a bit about the music video for MAE? What are the thoughts behind the visuals?

The music video has a retro but still modern feel to it. We wanted to create a mystic world to match up the production of the song.

How’s the process been in terms of shaping your sound and musical direction? Where do you seek inspiration from?

I’ve tried a little bit of everything. But I have to say I always had a special love for RnB. My sound came from years of just working with different people in the studio and experimenting. After a while, I started to hear a pattern in how I do melodies, and I guess that’s my ID.

At what point in the process of writing MAE did you know that the song was a track you wanted to release? How do you usually know when a song feels right to release?

It was when I got the hook melody; I felt like it was unique and had something special. It’s usually when everything in the session runs smoothly and comes out exactly the way I hear it in my head. And that ain’t easy! Most of my inspiration just comes from how I feel in the moment and what type of energy the beat gives me.

Do you have specific themes that you’re creatively drawn to when writing your material at the moment?

Right now, I find the 80s vibe interesting.

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