INTERVIEW: Amber Van Day

Photography // Amber Van Day – press.
Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato

Have you ever experienced the healing power of music when you scream a song at the top of your lungs and give voice to your feelings? Amber Van Day tells us how. The British singer-songwriter spoke to us about career, creative process, and her biggest heroes. Put on your headphones and listen to her latest single “Kids in the corner” while reading our full interview.

How did you decide to build a career in music?

I’ve pretty much always known it’s something that I would do. I’ve been writing songs and singing in choirs/bands/theatre since I was about 7 or 8. Nothing else was an option in my head. I’ve always been creating music and know I always will be. I really can be myself more than ever when I’m writing and feel really comforted when I’m in the studio. So when I discovered I loved writing for other artists too, it made sense.

Listen to “Kids In The Corner” while reading the interview:

Can you tell us about your creative process work? How does your creativity flow?

I think it’s different every time. I’d say I’m a lyric person first and foremost, so I’ll always try to come into the studio with concepts and then try to find a unique angle to approach the subject. I’m super inspired by dark literature as I feel the language can be a good description for how my head feels sometimes. Although some of my favourite songs that I have written have just been a stream of consciousness of something I just needed to get off my chest. And then you look back at what you’ve created and think okay well that was a kind of honesty I wasn’t expecting today!

Kids in The Corner talks about self-acceptance and diversity, such an important and ever-present topic in society. In your opinion, what is the importance of music in the debate and in raising awareness of relevant causes?

I feel like if you can really relate to the story of a song, it can make you feel a hell of a lot less lonely. Music can be used to better understand how you’re feeling too. In my opinion, it can be liberating and cathartic to scream a song at the top of your lungs. Using a platform can also be an impactful way of fighting the stigma against issues that we will all face at some point in our lives. When we know someone is going through something similar, we feel somewhat more connected, I feel like that is really healing.

What message do you expect to transmit with “Kids in The Corner”?

It takes a lot of strength to be honest and open about how we really feel. My message is that it is so important and powerful to allow yourself to become vulnerable. We won’t be force-fed what to like or who to follow; I think the real heroes are the ones who help others to live authentically regardless of what society tells us is right.

Since “All our heroes never die,” who are your biggest heroes?

My Friends. My mum. David Bowie. Jack Black lol.

Now, in a musical context, what is your top 5 feats that you would like to do in the future? Why?

LABRINTH. Just incredible production, melodies, writing the whole shabam!! His concepts are always so unique. A true Songsmith.
SIA. I love her melodies and the quirky way she approaches universal concepts!
Outkast would just be insane. Their melodies are crazy, and I recently listened to Andre 3000 on a music podcast called Broken Record. He’s super interesting.
Hans Zimmer. Not a commercial artist I knowww, but I have done a bit of screenwriting before and absolutely love writing to picture.
Mark Ronson. Just an absolute genius.

You now collect over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and there are relevant names in the music industry who have already participated in your career. What are your dreams and plans for the future?

Write, sing, tour, repeat lol.

Leave yourself a message that marks your essence and that you would like to remember in the future:

Love unapologetically. Treat yourself and others as if we’re all still kids, we only really grow up on the outside. Every voice is important. Keep ya hair curly 🙂

Words by Mariana V. Honorato  @marianavhonorato
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