5 Questions with Syd B

Photography // Syd B by Brigitte Crisp

Peachy Magazine asked Syd B, the LA-based songstress, five questions on the occasion of the release of her new single “Lights On.”

If you had to highlight a lyric from your new single “Lights On” that stands out as something special to you, which would it be, and why?

In the second verse, there’s a bit that goes: 

“When you were fresh on my mind I hated taking it slow. But now I can’t explain why I just can’t see you at home.”

You know when you just wake up one day, and you’re like, “oh shit. I gotta leave this. I don’t feel like myself anymore.” Love and relationships can get you all twisted up. And taking the time to have that conversation with the other person is such a hard thing to do. It’s shocking for everyone involved. 

Listen to ‘Lights On’ while reading the feature:

Apart from making music, what other forms of creative expression are you interested in?

I grew up dancing. That was my thing, and I thought I would do it professionally, but I was more interested in doing music. I love painting, but I’m pretty bad at it. I’ve always wanted to explore photography, and I draw a lot of inspiration from film. 

If you could choose any song by another artist that you’d wish you had written, which one would it be and why?

“Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo. There’s hardly any structure in this song, but at the same time, it is so put together. The vocals are so effortless, and the lyrics are so simple and easy to understand but say so much at the same time. 

Photography // Syd B by Brigitte Crisp

What’s your favorite thing about being on stage?

You’ve got soo many people’s energies coming at you at once. Which, at times, is terrifying, but then I sit and think “damn. They all took a night out of their week to listen to me??” It’s my job to have them leaving feeling some type of way. Whether that’s just having a great time or tapping into certain emotions that they were scared to do before. 

Do you have any tips for creatives doing this difficult time with self-isolation and such, that has helped you recently?

Be patient and kind with yourself. It’s okay to feel stuck. It’s okay to feel uninspired. Our job as creators is to observe experiences, live through them, and make something of it through our own lens. Take this time to find more of you. 

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