Mr.Popular Removes His Paper Bag Mask and Releases New Single ‘Nowhere To Hide’

Photography // Joshua Shultz.

Mr. Popular returns with the new single ‘Nowhere To Hide’ taken from his forthcoming album “Flair For The Dramatic.” Peachy Magazine caught up with the (former) paper bag masked artist, about the decision to remove the mask, the making of his debut album, and much more.

Hiding your face was an ongoing theme in the artwork for your singles. You’re now starting to unveil it – how come?

Hiding my face was fun for a while because no one knew who I was. Eventually, though, I wanted to get more expressive, and that was proving to be difficult while hiding my most expressive feature. It’s also really inconvenient to worry about hiding my face/identity all the time.

Listen to ‘Nowhere To Hide’ while reading the interview:

What’s the story behind your new single “Nowhere To Hide”?

Nowhere To Hide was initially about my anxiety and feeling trapped in it, also me trying to numb the pain of past relationships gone bad. By the time the song was finished, I realized it was more about the redemptive side of being stuck. “Stuck inside your love with nowhere to hide, and I don’t really mind” means that it’s not always bad to be stuck somewhere. It’s more about your perspective of the circumstances and allowing God or your lover to shape your view of them instead of your anxiety.

You’re soon to release your debut album “Flair For The Dramatic” what themes are you exploring on the album?

Flair For The Dramatic is exactly that. Flair meaning “stylishness and originality” and Dramatic meaning “intended to create an effect; theatrical.” I wanted to create an original body of work that moves people. The themes explored include everything from desperation and loneliness to confidence and sex drive.

Before Mr.Popular, you were a part of “Dropout” how’s it been for you to conform to being a solo artist?

I’ve been part of at least three other projects that had a decent amount of success, and it’s always really fun to win with other people. However, I really wanted an outlet for me to get my ideas out in their purest form (most authentic to me).

Don’t get me wrong, collaborating with other band members can create outstanding music, but I wanted a project where I had full control over all the music. Because I write, produce, mix, and master everything I can make a song from start to finish on any given day. It’s an exceptionally liberating situation and an enjoyable way to process my life.

Can you highlight a song on your forthcoming record that stands out to you as something special? Why is that?

Nowhere To Hide is exciting for the first single because it’s catchy, and it has sentimental meaning for me. But DM’s In The AM is the track I have a soft spot for. It’s just such a relatable feeling: wanting messages in the late night/early morning hours. People want to feel wanted because it’s validating. I’ve felt that way countless times, and I think the chords, melody, and lyrics reflect that feeling pretty well.

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