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Peachy Magazine caught up with Stealth, the upcoming UK-based singer/songwriter who recently released his new single “Other Lives,” to discuss the single, the difficult situation many creatives professionally face at the moment due to the current global health crisis, and more.

What’s the story behind your new single “Other Lives”?

Have you ever just took a moment and looked at your life to really appreciate what you’ve got, and wondered how you got so lucky? That’s essentially what “Other Lives” is all about. My other half puts up with a lot being with me, and I’m a lucky man to have her, so I must have built up a lot of Karma in a past life.

Listen to “Other Lives” while reading the interview:

Can you highlight a lyric from the track that stands out to you for any given reason, and tell us why?

Personally, I like in the pre-chorus. “tell me what’s stopping you leaving, loving me can’t be the reason.” Mainly because I think it’s quite relatable, we’ve all wondered how & why someone puts up with all of our crap.

There are clear traces of soul and blues in your material – what artists would you say has inspired you in terms of pursuing that musical direction?

When I was little, I was a massive Elvis fan. I used to dress up in sparkly pyjamas and perform for my babysitter. But as I got older, I ditched the PJ’s and started looking at the artists that inspired Elvis, Such as Big Mama Thornton, and I just fell down the rabbit hole. The likes of Howlin Wolf, Etta James, Johnny Cash, Bill Withers there are too many to mention. Essentially if it’s old, I’m into it.

What reflections lie behind the direction/style of your forthcoming material?

Honesty. I want my stuff to have a raw feeling. I want people to listen to what I do and feel like I’m talking directly to them baring it all. The next one is a bit more roots and bluesy which I’m excited about I can’t wait to share it!

With the current situation worldwide, it challenges all of us. Artists that are not able to go through with live shows and such – how do you manage this situation for yourself creatively?

It’s really tough, and it’s only just starting, at the moment I’m trying to do as many sessions over Skype. But I’m also taking the opportunity to work alone, It’s something I haven’t done in years, and I think it’s quite a good thing to practice, as you have to commit and be confident in your own ideas. What is great to see is the entire artistic community coming together, figuratively speaking, and supporting one another. And hopefully, it continues long after this madness subsides.

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