5 Questions with Eric Grooms

Photography // Danny Irizarry

Peachy Magazine caught up with the L.A. based artist Eric Grooms, to ask him five questions! Eric Grooms recently released his debut single ‘Evil Woman’ – a groovy indie-pop track that marks the beginning for the exciting rising talent.

Listen to ‘Evil Woman’ while reading the interview:

Would you prefer to play a small venue or stadium?

I love the idea of the intimacy of a small venue. Being in a closer environment provides more opportunity to interact with your audience and tell a more unique story, and that really appeals to me as an artist. However- I can’t wait for the moment I hear a stadium full of people sing my lyrics back to me. Also, you can’t crowd-surf in a Burbank coffee shop.

How has music impacted your mental health?

I first started making music during a pretty dark time in my life. It was then that I first discovered a lot of spoken word poets and musicians like George Watsky and Listener. It was because of them that I started writing my own poetry and ultimately why I make music today. Finding them when I did was a blessing because it provided me with a positive outlet for my emotions and kept me from doing things I would have regretted.

Do you think it’s important to believe in God or at least some sort of energy? 

I am a Christian, and my faith is the most important thing in my life. We live in a crazy time, and one thing that has always helped keep me grounded is my relationship with God. Naturally, I would love for everybody to find the same joy I have in my religion, but I understand that it is not for everybody. I still make it a mission to share my faith with anyone who wants to hear it in hopes they can experience the same peace and love that I feel.

What are you binge watching right now?

Peaky Blinders! I’ve watched just about every episode of this show over the span of a month and I have to say I’m in love. Sometimes when I’m in a pickle or I need a little bit of confidence, I find myself asking, “What would Tommy Shelby do?”

How important has social media been in your career so far?

Social media has been an incredibly important part of my career. Specifically, Tik Tok and Instagram. Over the past few months, I’ve amassed a decent number of Tik Tok followers, and I can attribute a great part of my success thus far to them! I’m super thankful for the people I get to reach and the great amount of support they show me already.

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