Photo Series: Phobia

Words and images by Cristina Rizzi Guelfi

I am a self-taught photographer born in Swiss Confederations. After Uni I lived here and there focusing in my passion for images that I saw in my mind and wanted to recreate slowly honing my skills either in digital and analog photography and visual art. Now based in Sardinia I keep moving around promoting my work. I did collective exposition in Rome , Milan, Turin and Paris and some of my works are currently on display at various location. 

Phobia of falling

The series “Phobia” born by chance, reading a list of phobias. I realized that today’s man seems to be always threatened by himself, by his surroundings, but even more, by his intellect. And this multifaceted alienation leads to the drama of contemporary human existence, which lives more and more in fear. I wanted to contrast this “anguish” with the irony and color of the photographs by associating them with a darker and surreal text. 

Height phobia
Phobia drive

The predisposition for light or darkness, the reluctance to gala dinners, the sterility of thought, the incongruity of actions. Almost all of us manage to live alternating small phobias without trying to have control, dancing in the balance, opening our eyes to days to line up, marking appointments on leather diaries, distracting us with the Monday series, relying on hormones with precarious contracts . Innocent and ruined on a part of the universe that has spread by chance before our unmade eyes. We live like this, like in a pungent and painful, grainy and cinematic dream. All of them, limping and uncertain, with their nose pointed in the air.

Phobia open spaces

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