Nina Tribus Releases New Powerful Pop Anthem ‘Medusa’

Alternative-pop artist Nina Tribus releases new single Medusa. Read more and listen below.

The pop artist with the distinctive image, Nina Tribus, releases new dark pop single Medusa – a track inspired by the feeling of being trapped in the labels and definitions of others that don’t seem to fit.

Tribus on the track:

“I have always found the fate of Medusa to be a fascinating mixture of fatalistic tragedy and restless defiance. Endlessly living with a label she doesn’t identify with, like a gun that backfires, she’s always at odds with the whole world and inevitably herself too. Trapped in the labels and definitions of others, yet trying to defy them. I think that this happens to be a very modern issue.”

– Nina Tribus on Medusa

Listen to Medusa below:

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