Photo series: STILL LIFE

Photos and words by Andrea Brandt

Editor’s comment: Peachy Magazine features both independent and established artists and creators with a story to share. Showcasing a creative, original and diverse range of artists is a core value on which Peachy Magazine is driven. The following feature is a series created by the artist Andrea Brandt. Enjoy the story!

I travelled to Israel and Palestine with a group of young photographers three months ago. Before the trip, we talked about the conflict and our different conceptions about the place we were travelling to.

I tried to prepare the photography project, I would work on in advance, but once I arrived, an entirely different project downed on me.

Colours, people, motion. The extreme heat and odours of Arabian spices embraced me when I stepped into the chaotic canopied streets. The markets were already hectic and vigorous, even though the morning was still young. All types of people rushing by in an abundance of different religions and cultures. I suddenly noticed the fascinating light that surrounded the streets.

I realised that this incredible brilliance enchanted the landscape no matter where I went. It was full of a dusty magical glow, which I attempted to capture. Even though the images I took contained beautiful colours, they also had a certain degree of melancholy due to the wrecks and ruins. This created an interesting contrast resulting in a dystopian atmosphere.

When I returned back home and sorted through my photographs, I saw a pattern of stagnation. The countries, as well as the conflict between them, have come to a standstill and yet the photographs still showed vanity. Quiescent in the moment, but on the verge of change. Momentum.

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