Peachy Magazine had the chance to talk influences growing up, leaving home for touring, and much more with South London based Jake Isaac. Listen to his new single Thinkin ‘Bout You and read the full interview below.

Listen to Jake Isaac’s new single Thinkin ‘Bout You here while reading the interview: 

In your own words, how would you describe your sound?

I’d probably describe it as a fusion of Soul & Pop. I used to run away from the whole pop thing, but actually, for the majority of artists, at some point in the journey you’re exposed to it.

Growing up, what or who has influenced your music the most?

3 most influential people for my music have to be my dad, Paul Simon & Michael Jackson…always felt like they were people who always made me see beyond just the music and be aware of the power of music and what it can do to the heart and soul.

What does the process of your writing usually look like?

A lot of the time I find myself writing and getting inspiration when I’m nowhere near music; I might be on the tube, in Asda, at the barbers lol. And often when I sit down to try and write something deep that means something to me, I struggle! So re my process I’ve kinda learnt to accept that, depending on the day, it’ll happen how and whenever it happens, I just make sure I’ve got my phone voice recorder and pen and paper to hand. 

You started as a session musician, and you’re also all self-produced now as a solo artist. What do you think this brings to your process and your music? 

I used to feel that these things limited me when I first started out, because I couldn’t see creatively beyond what I was capable of doing! I had to take some time out to write for other artists and also just to practise and focus in on production styles and learn! Now I feel like I’m able to communicate my own sound and vibe.

Jake Isaac – press

“On top of that, leaving the ones you love to do that… a lot of the time I’ve ended up thinking more about who I’ve left behind at home, than where I am lol.”

– Jake Isaac

What’s the story behind your new single Thinkin ‘Bout You?

Everyone sees touring looking glamorous on Instagram, with people on stages and visiting loads of places in the world…the reality is, you often don’t get to explore the places you gig, the most you see is the venue and the backstage area… and if your venue happens to be somewhere near a town centre you might be lucky enough to be able to have a wonder in town. On top of that, leaving the ones you love to do that… a lot of the time I’ve ended up thinking more about who I’ve left behind at home, than where I am lol.

What aspects of life do you draw inspiration from the most when making music? What themes recur in your material?

Really found that ‘undeserved love’ often creeps into my songs quite a bit, just because I know that I can sometimes be a right div and not always the easiest person to be in a relationship with.

You’re soon to support Tori Kelly on the Europe leg of her tour, and you’re also going on your headline tour, what are you most looking forward to regarding that experience being on the road?

Really looking forward to sharing this new material, and also looking forward to being on the road with my band! Last headline tour I played, I did it solo, which was cool and good fun, but there’s nothing like having your mates with you on stage.

What are your hopes for 2020?

To release as much music as possible…and possibly get round to releasing my second album 😉

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