INTERVIEW: Alessandro Ciminata Releases New Raw and Intimate Single “Lovers”

Peachy Magazine caught up with the London-based artist Alessandro Ciminata to hear more about his approach to making music, his goals for 2020, and the story behind his latest single Lovers. Read more and listen to the single below.

Listen to his new single Lovers while reading the interview:

How’d you describe your sound in your own words?

Minimalistic, modern, direct.

What’s the story behind the single Lovers?

I wrote this song, thinking about what love does really mean for me. It’s trusting your gut, having ‘butterflies’ in your belly, being light-hearted, and just considering special every moment spent with someone who cares.

How would you say that your approach has been regarding the process of creating the forthcoming material of yours?

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster, haha! I forced myself to try a different writing approach. I use to write everything on guitar. However, I wrote ‘Lovers’, and a few other songs from the EP on a piano. I’ve also forced myself to experiment a bit more with early production and focus on the song as much as possible. Production is important, but I’ve realised that what I really want is to deliver to my audience my soul and heart, both ‘hidden’ into my songs.

Is there any specific song or album that has changed your approach to making music?

Living in London and listening to music every day definitely has had and still has a huge impact on the way I approach my music. Also, writing with other artists gave me the chance to explore different ways of approaching songwriting.

What is the best piece of advice that you have received in your career so far?

A guy called Jack Garratt once told me ‘’Stay true to yourself’’. My girlfriend tells me everyday ‘’Never give up”

What are a few of your goals for 2020?

Selling out my headline show at The Grace, writing and recording new music and spending more time with the people I love. Of course, watching more Netflix series 🙂

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