5 Questions with Solmai

Peachy Magazine chats with the upcoming Danish artist Solmai. Listen to Solmai’s new single Lover, and read the feature below.

The favorite song(s) of mine to play live is…the songs where I show and convey a lot of emotions. Both some of my more ballad-ish songs but also in the upbeat. I like to put in parts in almost every song where I break it down and share some of the more sentimental feelings I had while I was writing the song. An example of this is in the bridges of my new single ‘Lover’. 

…because…I really enjoy connecting with the people who come and see me perform, and I think you do that best when you show vulnerability and your feelings.

Listen to Solmai’s new single Lover, here:

I usually write songs about… Relationships and Love. It’s universal, and the closest way we are all connected. Plus, there is so much to say. So many assholes so little time

If I could pick one artist to open for, it would be.. That’s such a hard question. Wow, there are so many. I am and have always been really into strong female artists, and atm I would die if I got the chance to open for Christine and the Queens or Rosalia.

…because…Firstly, both of their stage performances are impressive, intricate and so extra. Secondly, their music is fire. But I also think that mixing our music could be interesting. We all do pop-music but in so different ways. I think it could be so different and cool (crossing my fingers).

If my music were to be featured in a movie, it would be….2020 pop- and clubscene: The Documentary” – Hopefully we could get someone to think of a better name for the film haha but a documentary that looks back at this coming century and then a segment where I would be featured because I made an impact. Now that would be dope.

The feeling I hope the audience gets from my music is…Empowerment, mostly. I hope people listen, feel seen, and heard and get empowered never to accept being treated poorly.

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