Photo series: 9th Floor City & Vintage Texas

Photo series and words by Wendy Lewis

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9th Floor City

In every hotel that I stay, I love to look down at the (quiet) city life from the window of my room.

There’s always an unwritten, fleeting story in a city. The narrative of what’s happening in the streets below – or what’s directly ahead of me – can change within each photo taken, shift in my position, or the lighting and shadows cast by an inevitable setting or rising sun.

Vintage Texas

By Wendy Lewis

I always try to look for beauty beyond the obvious.”

– Wendy Lewis

In this series, it’s the contrast between the barbed wire against the yellow wildflowers, or the last pop of color to remain in a dying, forgotten field.

Texas prides itself on being a tough state, but in the year that I’ve lived here, I’ve found the true beauty of Texas lies in its delicate nature.